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Best Virtual Reality or VR Apps for Android 2016


Virtual Reality is an acronym for VR. VR is now becoming one of the biggest deal for this generation. The technology of VR is now letting people use your phone to enjoy 3D movies, videos, and games by sitting at one place. This not like that VR is new, but it used to be bulky, but now you can just wear like a glass and start enjoying 360-degree videos.

VR headset like HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and some other made it available for users to enjoy the good feeling of VR. Then Google board came out as a revolution and made the VR a part of our lifestyle. Now people like you wants to get some best apps for Android to enjoy the VR. Here we are listing some popular VR apps for Android where you can get the most out of your VR headset.

Google Cardboard:

Google Cardboard is one of the must have VR apps for all the VR users. Google Cardboard is the app that you need to set up your Google Cardboard but is not just limited to setting up the cardboard. Also, it doesn’t matter if you own affordable Google Cardboard or any other VR still you can use to get the best VR experience. Google Cardboard apps come with some best VR functions like the 360-degree Google Earth, a built-in video player which supports both 3D videos, Photosphere and most importantly an app directory with a list all the VR supported apps. Anyone can download Google Cardboard app from the Google play store for free.

AAA VR Cinema:


AAA VR Cinema is another really cool app for Android smartphone. This app is a video player who takes videos of your local storage and play them onto your VR. This app supports both 180-degree and 360-degree videos. This app is completely free for everyone who wants to give it a try.

Cardboard Camera:

Another brilliant VR app from Google. This app lets you capture 360-degree videos and photos from your phone which you can again view on your VR headset. A simple to user app from Google with no pain of doing sign up or login. This app is best for taking VR ready photos. You may find little odd at first then you will love it like we do. This app is free and available in Google play store.


This video platform is also one of the must apps for all VR users. Google is encouraging people to upload VR ready videos to all the video content makers. This encourages results in tons of videos uploaded by the content creators to view in the VR. There are even some channels available which upload 360-degree videos for everyone. You cab also find by searching “360-degree videos” or “VR videos” on YouTube.

Augmented reality is also a new technology, and the best example of augmented reality is the game Pokemon Go. If you are a Pokemon Go player, then you would be interested in reading our article where we described how to use fake GPS location on Pokemon Go.

VR is really a big thing, and this motivates all the app developers to develop more and more VR ready apps or videos. This is the high time to use VR in our day to day life to give the best of smartphone experience. We are very much sure that more and more VR apps will out in future. We will keep updated through this app. Leave a comment that you want to see more apps and we will do our best to add more here.