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How to Use Fake GPS Location to Play Pokémon Go on Android and iOS

Pokémon Go has become an addiction nowadays. People around the world are hunting down Pokémon. To be active in the group of Pokémon Go players, you need to walk/ drive a lot because it’s a GPS based game and you need to change places while playing the game. It becomes tiresome sometimes. To ease off your efforts you can use fake GPS location to play Pokémon Go.

If Pokémon Go still not releases in your country you can play the game using this tips of fake GPS location.


Tips of using Fake GPS location to play Pokémon Go for Both Android and iOS

Before proceed into the game arena we want to make some points clear so that there will be no confusion in future.

  • Always follow the points given below step by step carefully otherwise your account can be banned completely. The game allows developer to detect each and every attempt by us to spoof the system.
  • If you are running a rooted or jail broken phone then bypass the detection test by the game itself. If it finds your phone jail broken then it won’t work anyway in future. That’s why be careful when you are about to proceed.

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How to bypass auto detection of “Jailbreak or root” by the game

We have already mentioned the thing once before. Now we are going to add a step by step guide for the beginners.

Here is a short tutorial on how to bypass this smartly, don’t worry you are smart enough to do this and no special knowledge or rooting and jail breaking is required to execute these steps. As a novice, just by following the “directions” you can do this! Try it now-

  • We will use Master Ball Cydia Tweak to do this. This uses tcprotector 8+ cydia and PokePatch by bigboss repo. So, firstly install the app in your device. Then go to Cydia and add repo: http://cokepokes.github.io/ in the source.
  • Install Master Ball and restart the device. That’s all. You are done with it. BRAVOOO…

Play Pokémon Go without moving anywhere using Fake GPS stimulator

What can be more exciting if you don’t have to move at all while playing Pokémon Go!

Don’t you believe it?

Had I been your place I would not have believe my eyes for a second.

Follow the below mentioned steps to do this-

  • Install Cydia on your phone.
  • Mind it that this is not a spoof location moderator and it will not allow to jump from one place to another place.

You need to just tap on the map. You will be walking around the map.

Here are the steps-

  • Launch Cydia and reload the sources.
  • Then add http://www.williamlcobb.com/repo into the list of repo.
  • Type “Pokémon Go Anywhere” and search it. Install it on your device.

A special note: You need to face to the north in order to make this tweak work.

Try it now buddy and let us know how you are feeling after doing this awesome thing!