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How to run Windows Software/Program without installing them

Technology has been developing intensely everyday and our demands are also increasing. Sometimes innovation surpasses our expectations while sometimes it struggles to keep pace with our ever changing demands. PC and software have changed the way of managing data. We need to install any software before accessing it. But have you ever thought that what if we want to take the same advantage without installing the software? It may sound crazy but in reality using simple software you can do this tweak and run any software without installing it on your PC.

Zero install: It’s basically software which supports cross platform operation and allows the developers to integrate their software from their website for free of cost! That means any software running on any computer will be using all the latest versions without being closely involved in update.

Let’s start the process-


Configuring Zero Install on your PC

It’s considered as the first stage of using the software. Once you have installed the software in your system you will see a lot of applications which can be used without installation! (For the developers: If you want to add you own software, kindly follow the steps of packaging the software as per the XML metadata defined by the Software.)

Go to the “option” and then to the “advance option”. “Standard option” has five tabs. These five tabs are Updates, Storage, Catalog, Trust and Sync.

The “update” tab allows getting the latest version of the software

The “storage” tab lets you select the location for zero install.

The “catalogue” tab allows you specifying catalog sources and

The “Trust” tab let users to choose the most trusted keys between your system and the server of the zero install.

The “Sync” tab is to define the syncing relation of the system and the server.

Running software/apps without installing

Once the software is configured, the next step will be to run the desired applications on the PC.

  • On starting refresh he list of the application by pressing Alt + C together. It will make sure that you are on the latest list.
  • There are three buttons in front of the each name. The first one is the “download” button for the software. On hovering on it a dropdown menu will appear, there you can see the different versions of that software. Select one which you want to run on your PC and start the process.
  • There is a button on the second which implies setup integration. It basically lets you specify the shortcuts and configure all the file settings.
  • The third button which is used to move any application to the “My application” tab is basically nothing else a favorite tab option.
  • Once you hit the run button, the application will download the necessary thing to run and after that it will launch instantly after double clicking!

Note: Zero Install does not install anything on your system. It directly run from its online platform.