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How to Stream Online Videos and Movies with MX Player on Android

As a smartphone user, we browse the internet on our phone. The technology has evolved a lot that now we can browse every website from our portable device. When surfing the internet, we often come to a point where we have to stream a video online. Streaming online while surfing is not a big deal now as almost all the modern smartphone browsers come with inbuilt video player who helps us to stream content easily. Those inbuilt video players are generally based on HTML5 which serves the purpose of video playing but lacks when it comes to functionality. You can not expect a browser player to be too good to watch a full movie.

So what is the solution? Well, yes there is a solution, and that is MX player. MX Player is one of the best video players for Android, and it has all the features that person might need. There is no direct way to stream online content with MX player, but this article will guide to play online content with MX player.

It doesn’t matter if you are watching a funny video on YouTube or a cool action movie from free movie websites, you can always use this trick to play your online video or movie with MX player.


There are two thing requires:

Since of the apps are popular I guess you already have these apps installed on your phone or maybe you are viewing this page from UC browser itself. If it is not then download from the links above.

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How to Play/ Stream Online Videos with MX Player on Android

First of all open UC browser and visit the website from where you want to stream the video. Here we are taking YouTube as an example.


Now select a video or movie that you want to play with MX player.

Once UC browser starts playing the video, hit the pause button and look for the 3 horizontal line. You can find them on top right corner of the screen.


Here tap on “Play With…” This will bring up all the alternative apps that you have to play that video. In all these apps you can find MX player. Just select that.


Within a few seconds, you can see your video live on MX player, and you can use almost all the features that MX player has.


This trick is so awesome that you can use this trick to play videos with other video players like VLC for Android and Mobo Player.

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