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How to unblock Websites at School, Office, Work Place or anywhere using Proxy Server

With updates of technologies, electronic gadgets are syncing more in our daily life. Nowadays in schools and colleges computer has become an essential thing to study and in work place we feel the importance of it. To prevent students and workers from browsing other sites, programs are usually set into the operating system and you can’t get outside of that barrier with your known ways while using proxy servers you can easily get rid of this issue.

Using proxy servers are very easy and anyone without even special prior knowledge can use it.

Today we are going to discuss a lot on this topic and the ways and precautions of using a proxy to access blocked website from your office or school or college.

How to use Proxy servers to unblock websites

Proxy servers are great tool and usually work as an intermediary between the website you want to visit and the system which you are on from.

When you can’t visit any site that means the firewall of your system is blocking the site from opening its contents. Using a proxy you are opening the site on a proxy server where you are interacting with the site from. Check the below image for an example on how it works:

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There are so many proxies are available but not all of them are trusted. So selecting a proper proxy server is also a tough task. Otherwise the job waits later is easy.

We always prefer HMA to start with. But an alternative, Anonymouse also feels similar. Let’s explain how to use the service of a proxy server.

Here is the step by step process for setting up a proxy gateway to access blocked websites from the systems in schools or college or even in your office.

Select the proxy server: Start with the proxy server first. Select the proxy server and press enter to get into the projected URL easily. Don’t Google for the best proxy server on your office or school’s system. Rather do your homework in your home and then directly enter the URL in the URL slot of the browser.

Then type the site name you wish to visit and press enter. Some proxy servers run add on first click. Don’t be worried. They need adds for running the free service. Once the website is opened into the proxy server, Enjoy…

For your security: Always check one thing that the address bar of the browser is showing the domain of the proxy service while you are browsing the site via proxy server. It indicated that you are browsing anonymously. No one is sniffing at you at all!

Another point should be mentioned here that if you are browsing through a secured proxy server it may slow down the browsing speed and sometimes page may fail to load. Sometimes web pages do not respond properly. There is nothing to be panic about. Just wait a min and reload the page.

That’s all. Start browsing the blocked sites today using proxy servers easily and let us know your experiences.