How to recover deleted files from android for both Rooted and Un-Rooted Device

Nowadays we can’t think a day without smartphone, from listening music to checking important updates in mails, everywhere we depend upon our smartphone. Android is the market leader and has its footprint from entry level smartphones to the expensive range. You may have also one. Did you ever think what if unfortunately some important data is deleted from your mobile? How do you recover deleted files from your Android phone?

I can bet, like me it has not come into your thoughts ever. But when I faced it, I got really hopeless. At last I found an unique solution and I am gonna share it here now with you-

There is a software called “Dr. Fone” is available in the web and you can easily install that. Remember there is a premium version of it though it costs lesser than any other apps. I recommend buying the premium version of the Dr. Fone app. Just download and install it on your PC (laptop/ desktop).


The best part of this app is that it works on rooted and un-rooted device both. Assure one thing that your phone has at least 50% power left when you start the process.

Let’s hunt down the process of recovering Android phone data by using Dr. Fone

  • Start the software and connect your Android device with the PC using standard data cable through USB ports.


  • Activate USB debagging mode. Do you know how to do that? Follow the string provided below if you are a beginner-
  • Tap on the “Settings” option > go to the option called “About Phone” >keep tapping “Build number” for about at least 7 times until you are getting a notification “You are under developer mode”. Done! Now it’s time to go back to “settings” again and then click on the “Developer options” > and at last check “USB debugging” mode, make it “ON”.
  • Now the software will scan the device, if you have rooted your android phone then you need to provide permission otherwise it will complete the process automatically within few minutes, sit back and relax.
  • Now a screen with all the existing apps and data will flash in front of you. You need to select the options which are important! And click on the “recover” option. It will save all the data into a specific folder in your PC and you can restore these anytime you want after the device is fixed.

Recover Deleted Files from Android phones without any Software (For Rooted Users)

For rooted mobile there is an unbelievable app called “undelete for root users” and what you need to do is to install the app on your mobile but before that check whether your phone is rooted or not. Then open the app and provide necessary permission, It will scan the whole memory and try to find out the deleted files including music, images etc.


You can restore the files with a single click later anytime. All the data will be saved back in the “download” folder in your phone memory. You can transfer those into SD card later.

We have provided two best method for you to recover deleted files/data from your Android phone. It doesn’t matter if you have a rooted device or an un-rooted you can still recover all the deleted files from your Android smartphone.

We are here guys for your help. Comment down any of your problem and we will be glad to assist you.

4 thoughts on “How to recover deleted files from android for both Rooted and Un-Rooted Device

  1. Samir

    Hy bro,
    I tried Dr.Fone but could not able to recover my files.
    Can you say what wrong I am doing?

    1. romain Post author

      I think you are doing something wrong while connecting your device.
      Make sure you have USB debugging enabled before connecting your phone.
      If you still having problem then you ask again.


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