How to run Windows Software/Program without installing them

Technology has been developing intensely everyday and our demands are also increasing. Sometimes innovation surpasses our expectations while sometimes it struggles to keep pace with our ever changing demands. PC and software have changed the way of managing data. We need to install any software before accessing it. But have you ever thought that what if we want to take the same advantage without installing the software? It may sound crazy but in reality using simple software you can do this tweak and run any software without installing it on your PC.

Zero install: It’s basically software which supports cross platform operation and allows the developers to integrate their software from their website for free of cost! That means any software running on any computer will be using all the latest versions without being closely involved in update.

Let’s start the process-


Configuring Zero Install on your PC

It’s considered as the first stage of using the software. Once you have installed the software in your system you will see a lot of applications which can be used without installation! (For the developers: If you want to add you own software, kindly follow the steps of packaging the software as per the XML metadata defined by the Software.)

Go to the “option” and then to the “advance option”. “Standard option” has five tabs. These five tabs are Updates, Storage, Catalog, Trust and Sync.

The “update” tab allows getting the latest version of the software

The “storage” tab lets you select the location for zero install.

The “catalogue” tab allows you specifying catalog sources and

The “Trust” tab let users to choose the most trusted keys between your system and the server of the zero install.

The “Sync” tab is to define the syncing relation of the system and the server.

Running software/apps without installing

Once the software is configured, the next step will be to run the desired applications on the PC.

  • On starting refresh he list of the application by pressing Alt + C together. It will make sure that you are on the latest list.
  • There are three buttons in front of the each name. The first one is the “download” button for the software. On hovering on it a dropdown menu will appear, there you can see the different versions of that software. Select one which you want to run on your PC and start the process.
  • There is a button on the second which implies setup integration. It basically lets you specify the shortcuts and configure all the file settings.
  • The third button which is used to move any application to the “My application” tab is basically nothing else a favorite tab option.
  • Once you hit the run button, the application will download the necessary thing to run and after that it will launch instantly after double clicking!

Note: Zero Install does not install anything on your system. It directly run from its online platform.

How to Stream Online Videos and Movies with MX Player on Android

As a smartphone user, we browse the internet on our phone. The technology has evolved a lot that now we can browse every website from our portable device. When surfing the internet, we often come to a point where we have to stream a video online. Streaming online while surfing is not a big deal now as almost all the modern smartphone browsers come with inbuilt video player who helps us to stream content easily. Those inbuilt video players are generally based on HTML5 which serves the purpose of video playing but lacks when it comes to functionality. You can not expect a browser player to be too good to watch a full movie.

So what is the solution? Well, yes there is a solution, and that is MX player. MX Player is one of the best video players for Android, and it has all the features that person might need. There is no direct way to stream online content with MX player, but this article will guide to play online content with MX player.

It doesn’t matter if you are watching a funny video on YouTube or a cool action movie from free movie websites, you can always use this trick to play your online video or movie with MX player.


There are two thing requires:

Since of the apps are popular I guess you already have these apps installed on your phone or maybe you are viewing this page from UC browser itself. If it is not then download from the links above.

Talking about the apps, we have an article about best VR apps for Android. We hope you will like that.

How to Play/ Stream Online Videos with MX Player on Android

First of all open UC browser and visit the website from where you want to stream the video. Here we are taking YouTube as an example.


Now select a video or movie that you want to play with MX player.

Once UC browser starts playing the video, hit the pause button and look for the 3 horizontal line. You can find them on top right corner of the screen.


Here tap on “Play With…” This will bring up all the alternative apps that you have to play that video. In all these apps you can find MX player. Just select that.


Within a few seconds, you can see your video live on MX player, and you can use almost all the features that MX player has.


This trick is so awesome that you can use this trick to play videos with other video players like VLC for Android and Mobo Player.

Leave a comment if you have any questions, or you can just say thanks. We at Custom Android try our best to bring new article every possible day. Keep an eye on us, and we will never disappoint you.

Best Virtual Reality or VR Apps for Android 2016


Virtual Reality is an acronym for VR. VR is now becoming one of the biggest deal for this generation. The technology of VR is now letting people use your phone to enjoy 3D movies, videos, and games by sitting at one place. This not like that VR is new, but it used to be bulky, but now you can just wear like a glass and start enjoying 360-degree videos.

VR headset like HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and some other made it available for users to enjoy the good feeling of VR. Then Google board came out as a revolution and made the VR a part of our lifestyle. Now people like you wants to get some best apps for Android to enjoy the VR. Here we are listing some popular VR apps for Android where you can get the most out of your VR headset.

Google Cardboard:

Google Cardboard is one of the must have VR apps for all the VR users. Google Cardboard is the app that you need to set up your Google Cardboard but is not just limited to setting up the cardboard. Also, it doesn’t matter if you own affordable Google Cardboard or any other VR still you can use to get the best VR experience. Google Cardboard apps come with some best VR functions like the 360-degree Google Earth, a built-in video player which supports both 3D videos, Photosphere and most importantly an app directory with a list all the VR supported apps. Anyone can download Google Cardboard app from the Google play store for free.

AAA VR Cinema:


AAA VR Cinema is another really cool app for Android smartphone. This app is a video player who takes videos of your local storage and play them onto your VR. This app supports both 180-degree and 360-degree videos. This app is completely free for everyone who wants to give it a try.

Cardboard Camera:

Another brilliant VR app from Google. This app lets you capture 360-degree videos and photos from your phone which you can again view on your VR headset. A simple to user app from Google with no pain of doing sign up or login. This app is best for taking VR ready photos. You may find little odd at first then you will love it like we do. This app is free and available in Google play store.


This video platform is also one of the must apps for all VR users. Google is encouraging people to upload VR ready videos to all the video content makers. This encourages results in tons of videos uploaded by the content creators to view in the VR. There are even some channels available which upload 360-degree videos for everyone. You cab also find by searching “360-degree videos” or “VR videos” on YouTube.

Augmented reality is also a new technology, and the best example of augmented reality is the game Pokemon Go. If you are a Pokemon Go player, then you would be interested in reading our article where we described how to use fake GPS location on Pokemon Go.

VR is really a big thing, and this motivates all the app developers to develop more and more VR ready apps or videos. This is the high time to use VR in our day to day life to give the best of smartphone experience. We are very much sure that more and more VR apps will out in future. We will keep updated through this app. Leave a comment that you want to see more apps and we will do our best to add more here.

How to unblock Websites at School, Office, Work Place or anywhere using Proxy Server

With updates of technologies, electronic gadgets are syncing more in our daily life. Nowadays in schools and colleges computer has become an essential thing to study and in work place we feel the importance of it. To prevent students and workers from browsing other sites, programs are usually set into the operating system and you can’t get outside of that barrier with your known ways while using proxy servers you can easily get rid of this issue.

Using proxy servers are very easy and anyone without even special prior knowledge can use it.

Today we are going to discuss a lot on this topic and the ways and precautions of using a proxy to access blocked website from your office or school or college.

How to use Proxy servers to unblock websites

Proxy servers are great tool and usually work as an intermediary between the website you want to visit and the system which you are on from.

When you can’t visit any site that means the firewall of your system is blocking the site from opening its contents. Using a proxy you are opening the site on a proxy server where you are interacting with the site from. Check the below image for an example on how it works:

Image from-

Image from-

There are so many proxies are available but not all of them are trusted. So selecting a proper proxy server is also a tough task. Otherwise the job waits later is easy.

We always prefer HMA to start with. But an alternative, Anonymouse also feels similar. Let’s explain how to use the service of a proxy server.

Here is the step by step process for setting up a proxy gateway to access blocked websites from the systems in schools or college or even in your office.

Select the proxy server: Start with the proxy server first. Select the proxy server and press enter to get into the projected URL easily. Don’t Google for the best proxy server on your office or school’s system. Rather do your homework in your home and then directly enter the URL in the URL slot of the browser.

Then type the site name you wish to visit and press enter. Some proxy servers run add on first click. Don’t be worried. They need adds for running the free service. Once the website is opened into the proxy server, Enjoy…

For your security: Always check one thing that the address bar of the browser is showing the domain of the proxy service while you are browsing the site via proxy server. It indicated that you are browsing anonymously. No one is sniffing at you at all!

Another point should be mentioned here that if you are browsing through a secured proxy server it may slow down the browsing speed and sometimes page may fail to load. Sometimes web pages do not respond properly. There is nothing to be panic about. Just wait a min and reload the page.

That’s all. Start browsing the blocked sites today using proxy servers easily and let us know your experiences.

How to Use Fake GPS Location to Play Pokémon Go on Android and iOS

Pokémon Go has become an addiction nowadays. People around the world are hunting down Pokémon. To be active in the group of Pokémon Go players, you need to walk/ drive a lot because it’s a GPS based game and you need to change places while playing the game. It becomes tiresome sometimes. To ease off your efforts you can use fake GPS location to play Pokémon Go.

If Pokémon Go still not releases in your country you can play the game using this tips of fake GPS location.


Tips of using Fake GPS location to play Pokémon Go for Both Android and iOS

Before proceed into the game arena we want to make some points clear so that there will be no confusion in future.

  • Always follow the points given below step by step carefully otherwise your account can be banned completely. The game allows developer to detect each and every attempt by us to spoof the system.
  • If you are running a rooted or jail broken phone then bypass the detection test by the game itself. If it finds your phone jail broken then it won’t work anyway in future. That’s why be careful when you are about to proceed.

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How to bypass auto detection of “Jailbreak or root” by the game

We have already mentioned the thing once before. Now we are going to add a step by step guide for the beginners.

Here is a short tutorial on how to bypass this smartly, don’t worry you are smart enough to do this and no special knowledge or rooting and jail breaking is required to execute these steps. As a novice, just by following the “directions” you can do this! Try it now-

  • We will use Master Ball Cydia Tweak to do this. This uses tcprotector 8+ cydia and PokePatch by bigboss repo. So, firstly install the app in your device. Then go to Cydia and add repo: in the source.
  • Install Master Ball and restart the device. That’s all. You are done with it. BRAVOOO…

Play Pokémon Go without moving anywhere using Fake GPS stimulator

What can be more exciting if you don’t have to move at all while playing Pokémon Go!

Don’t you believe it?

Had I been your place I would not have believe my eyes for a second.

Follow the below mentioned steps to do this-

  • Install Cydia on your phone.
  • Mind it that this is not a spoof location moderator and it will not allow to jump from one place to another place.

You need to just tap on the map. You will be walking around the map.

Here are the steps-

  • Launch Cydia and reload the sources.
  • Then add into the list of repo.
  • Type “Pokémon Go Anywhere” and search it. Install it on your device.

A special note: You need to face to the north in order to make this tweak work.

Try it now buddy and let us know how you are feeling after doing this awesome thing!

How to recover deleted files from android for both Rooted and Un-Rooted Device

Nowadays we can’t think a day without smartphone, from listening music to checking important updates in mails, everywhere we depend upon our smartphone. Android is the market leader and has its footprint from entry level smartphones to the expensive range. You may have also one. Did you ever think what if unfortunately some important data is deleted from your mobile? How do you recover deleted files from your Android phone?

I can bet, like me it has not come into your thoughts ever. But when I faced it, I got really hopeless. At last I found an unique solution and I am gonna share it here now with you-

There is a software called “Dr. Fone” is available in the web and you can easily install that. Remember there is a premium version of it though it costs lesser than any other apps. I recommend buying the premium version of the Dr. Fone app. Just download and install it on your PC (laptop/ desktop).


The best part of this app is that it works on rooted and un-rooted device both. Assure one thing that your phone has at least 50% power left when you start the process.

Let’s hunt down the process of recovering Android phone data by using Dr. Fone

  • Start the software and connect your Android device with the PC using standard data cable through USB ports.


  • Activate USB debagging mode. Do you know how to do that? Follow the string provided below if you are a beginner-
  • Tap on the “Settings” option > go to the option called “About Phone” >keep tapping “Build number” for about at least 7 times until you are getting a notification “You are under developer mode”. Done! Now it’s time to go back to “settings” again and then click on the “Developer options” > and at last check “USB debugging” mode, make it “ON”.
  • Now the software will scan the device, if you have rooted your android phone then you need to provide permission otherwise it will complete the process automatically within few minutes, sit back and relax.
  • Now a screen with all the existing apps and data will flash in front of you. You need to select the options which are important! And click on the “recover” option. It will save all the data into a specific folder in your PC and you can restore these anytime you want after the device is fixed.

Recover Deleted Files from Android phones without any Software (For Rooted Users)

For rooted mobile there is an unbelievable app called “undelete for root users” and what you need to do is to install the app on your mobile but before that check whether your phone is rooted or not. Then open the app and provide necessary permission, It will scan the whole memory and try to find out the deleted files including music, images etc.


You can restore the files with a single click later anytime. All the data will be saved back in the “download” folder in your phone memory. You can transfer those into SD card later.

We have provided two best method for you to recover deleted files/data from your Android phone. It doesn’t matter if you have a rooted device or an un-rooted you can still recover all the deleted files from your Android smartphone.

We are here guys for your help. Comment down any of your problem and we will be glad to assist you.